52 Weeks of Positive Change – Week 8: Tear Down The Walls And Enjoy Life


(photo: Chris Fry)

You are confined only by the walls you build yourself – Andrew Murphy

Well here I am at it again.  I realize that it is Wednesday and my hope was to get my weekly posting up by Monday morning to help guide everyone’s week. That has not been the past few weeks and I am learning to accept that.  But truthfully I have written this post a few times and something was just off.  I felt unable to convey my true thoughts and believe it or not I got stuck on my words countless times.  Something about what I was doing felt lifeless and without inspiration.  Maybe I work best under pressure or I am dealing with another beast.  I will not bore you with all my internal thoughts, however, most of it relates to this week’s posting.  It was obvious that I was building a wall around myself, I put confining parameters on what I hoped to bring to this blog.  Slowly but surely those parameters were sucking the life out of my idea to uplift those around me.

As a result, I have found that it’s time to change things.  This week begin evaluating your own journey, hopes, dreams and aspirations.  Are they alive and well or are some of them drowning?  If nothing is broke please don’t tinker on it, but if you are finding to some degree an area that is out of align with the picture take a step back and evaluate it.  I have yet to do that myself with this blog but when I saw the quote above it really stood out and I knew that was my dilemma.  And my words began to flow as usual.  Talents are not intended to be boxed up and dictated, the beauty of art is to allow free flow of creativity.

Talents come in many forms.  This posting encompasses way more than writing alone,  life has to be creative and free.  Containing your joy leads to its demise and will leave you stuck.  Keeping your eye on the goal is fantastic but be careful not to completely contain your efforts as you may sacrifice the joy of experiencing the goal and the life around you.  Many times we become focused on a life dream or success and leave behind having fun and enjoying the place in which our feet are planted.  Once more I caution against building that wall as it is all marked with fear.  Fear of not accomplishing the set out goal.  Just like the quote ‘work hard, play hard’ we have to enjoy life, but life is not enjoyable if it is restricted.

This week I challenge you to look at the walls you are building to protect your success or due to the fear of failure.  Where can you make adjustments as a way to experience the fullness of life.  Even Dorothy on the Wizard of Oz found her way off the path and enjoyed the poppies (despite them being poisoned) but she still found her way home.  Trust in the  process and your goal will come true.  When you achieve your goal you may be too tired and exhausted to enjoy it if the parameters are too restrictive and lack joy.  Take down the walls that confine and risk suffocating your joy and creativity.