What Is In Your Vitamins?

Do your vitamins have added sugar?-2

Were you aware that those yummy gummies have added sugars.  Why do vitamins need sugar? Well actually they don’t. I encourage you to get familiar with label reading as this could help alleviate ingesting unnecessary ingredients.  Vitamins should have close to the recommended daily intake of minerals. Depending on your particular need, vitamins do have variations. For instance, the focus on women’s or men’s health as well as geared toward pregnancy or hair/nail growth.

However, to my surprise I was offered to try a particular brand of gummy vitamins.  My friend spoke highly about how good they taste and which helps her take them daily. Without hesitation I popped two in my mouth. Of course as I am chewing I start label reading. Let me warn you folks this is not the ideal way to label read, lol!! Read labels first as the first thing I noticed were the label glaring at me showing 2g of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates in my vitamins!! WTH I thought carbs were only in food and vitamins are not food. Wait, it gets better, I kept reading and the carbs were all sugar, yes 2g of sugar in my vitamin!! No wonder my friend thought they were so yummy, of course they are they have SUGAR in them..

I learned a valuable lesson that day. First of all, if it seems too good then likely it is. Second, read the label first. Lastly, as I continued to read the label I found that the vitamin fell extremely short of providing adequate vitamin consumption for the day. I mentioned that to her and she responded, “that is probably why I take a bunch every day.” Well now that 2g of sugar just skyrocketed in her best attempt to get the recommended daily allowance.  So imagine increasing the consumption in your mind to be the healthiest possible and the opposite is occurring. You are adding sugar.

Today’s takeaway note is READ LABELS before ingesting food, drinks or supplements. Word to the wise, you do not need sugar in your vitamins. This is not how it is supposed to work!!

Chime in and leave a comment about your vitamins and if you found sugars added.

Enjoy your day.