Claim Your Own Happiness and Success

Happiness will come to you when it comes from you. Success will be yours when you choose to take responsibility for making it so – Unknown.


So many hopes for quotes came to mind today. Especially with Christmas on our heels, I had hopes of bringing something related to our Lord and Savior but the quote above really spoke to me. Not that we cannot put a God flair to this quote.

This was one that really resonated with me personally. I have found that my own transitioning heart has really lived from one side to the other, finding true happiness. Has anyone had that friend or family member who was negative no matter if something good or bad happened? I use that scenario often as we all have those people in our lives. When I am with these types of people I feel the life being sucked right from my vessel.

Though, when you expel positivity and happiness, others commonly jump on board for the ride. For me in my life, I feel less stress, anxiety and depressive feelings when I am happy. To top it off, happiness is a choice – it is taking on an optimistic outlook. So when life tends to happen, God never promised that it would only be happy times, so find your own way of bringing the good out of everything.

Changing gears toward success, one must want it for it to be so. I have never found success being dropped into one’s lap. Success comes from hard work and claiming it for your life. In Matthew 7:7 – it is quoted, “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” Success comes from searching, stating and working toward the goal.

None of the above is possible without positive thoughts. No matter how you approach a happy sense of self or claiming your success, it must be done with a positive outlook. Even though it states in the bible to ask for the things you want in your life, remember that blessings do not come in the manner you imagine but rather what God has planned for you. Therefore, setbacks and changes in the route do not equate to missed blessings or opportunities but rather a different route than the one we planned. I have personal experience with alternative routes and opportunities that felt missed at the time, though in the end thankful that they were missed as I was selling myself short of what the Lord had planned for me.

In the wake of the Lord’s birthday, Merry Christmas to your family and be loving, positive and happy. If you are feeling less than happy, evaluate if you are expelling enough happiness. Enjoy the blessings we have for today.


Challenge Yourself To Find Your Excellence

We are what we repeatedly do –


Therefore, is not an act, but a habit – Aristotle


When I was looking for a way to motivate those around me, I could not pass on Aristotle’s great words. It is no mystery that we are creatures of habit. I continually tell others to covet those desired behaviors and limit those one hopes to lose. But how does one actually go about strengthening desired behaviors?

First off, believe in your efforts. “Believing” was originally my positive thought for this week but I felt Aristotle took it up a notch. Yet one cannot expel excellence without the courage and conviction to unleash their strengths. Though excellence is not likely to occur quickly, as greatness takes time to develop. Though as described by Aristotle we must act out of habit rather than sporadically.

If this appears a bit confusing lets dissect the creation of a habit. A habit comes from repetition, which essentially is an action. Though to ensure your actions are not wasteful one must plan the point of the action, the action itself and the desired outcome.

As an example one may want to develop a more positive self-image. Therefore this will take some planning and specific behaviors. Below will describe how one can foster the creation of a positive self-image:

  • Point – The point of this action will help one to feel better about themselves, to see the world in a less negative way and may misperceive others intentions less.
  • Action – Use daily self-affirmations, recognize the positive in life, rely on positive comments from others
  • Desired outcome – One will hope to have less anxiety around others, less hostility toward others/the world, and may be able to engage in behaviors/hobbies previously feared.

Using the above example attempt to challenge areas of your life that you feel could use improvements. Excellence will show through over time and cannot be ignored because a positive self-change improves thoughts, behaviors and perceptions. Your excellence is determined by you and evaluated by you. But one thing is certain the way you will feel by coveting a positive self is like no other.

Challenge yourself to find your excellence.

Wise Words

I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become – Carl Jung

Sky and Trees _edited-1

Though abuse and adversities are commonplace in today’s society, those struggles do not have to define you in a negative manner. In fact, the past does mold your thoughts, behavior and perceptions, yet you have a choice to counteract the destructive aspects left behind from abuse. So Jung defines how all the internalized negativity usually overpowers a person that has experienced less than ideal circumstances. It is normal to believe those parts of you but learning to incorporate the positive parts of life is a choice. It also has the potential of setting you free from the torture of the past.

First off, learning to take on a positive outlook on life will reduce the burdens of the past. It may be difficult to find the positive if that is not your common life approach. But just as the bleak and dark parts of your life can be accentuated the positive is sitting out there for the taking. Yet that is often the part that is either deflected or felt useless to pickup.

It takes work to develop a new you and the positive outlook will surely come in handy. That is the simplest formula to take you from defining yourself upon your past and creating the person you actually desire. That challenge is frequently too much for a person to go through alone and they often get lost in the journey.

Start with a clean slate, forget what others have said to you and about you. Also, forget what you have said about yourself. Ponder what your goals are in life even if it appears too good to be true. Thinking outside the box is required when turning over a new leaf. No one can do it for you but guidance is certainly available.   One must be willing to become something different as the power is always internalized but often hidden behind self-doubt, hatred and insecurities.

Change usually requires going far out on a limb. It is lonely and scary out there but with a plan you are sure to make it out safely. Moving forward requires doing something challenging and new.

Remember if there is no challenge, there is no change.

Wise Words

Changing up a little from my normal “Motivational Monday’s” with the hope that I can reach more people aside from Monday alone.


We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them – Albert Einstein.

A pondering fact put out by a brilliant mind so many moons ago, yet we lack the stamina and effort to abide by these simple words.  For me I guess this is the foundation of therapy and I do my best to guide clients toward the light on a daily basis.  However, another evident fact is that change is difficult.  I spend a lot of my time with that particular subject as I am empathetic to the complications related to change.  I too have experienced the overwhelming pinch that ultimately led me to my own self-discovery.  Though, even at a young age following the path given was not an option and I knew solving my problems required me to be quite a bit more cunning than the issue at hand.
Approach whatever problem in your life with a new angle.  Just as you are broadsided by adversities and problems, that same approach can rid the problem all together.  Don’t give into the problem in a determined and calculated manner.  But rather look at the situation as a challenge instead of  automatic defeat.  No one readily lies down and purposefully loses a challenge.  Go out and give it all you got.  Devise the best strategy your mind could ponder at the time.  Seek out to even shock yourself and your critics.
But before you don your armor, remember problems just don’t disappear. Yes they may go underground and appear to be dissolved for a while, though if you don’t look for a permanent solution they will return like Bermuda grass.  Don’t allow your problems to become dormant and torment you for endless years.
Fighting back with internalized anger and hatred is the root of the Bermuda grass.  Remember that.  So when you are searching for that master plan to rid the thorn in your side, solve it with a peaceful approach.  Who knows maybe that is what Einstein was referring.  The enemy will expect to return their hatred with hatred.  But stand your ground, strengthen your boundaries and set forth a peaceful response.
Actually I have an example that just happened  this week.  I was broadsided by a comment from a person close to me.  First off the person took something I said out of context and interpreted it in their own perceived judgments.  So I was able to firm my boundaries and replied that I referenced something in a jokingly fashion  (which by the way was not directed at them at all) and if they perceived it differently, then that defined them not myself.  But I also mentioned that I was shocked that this person felt this way.  So in closing, I was able to stand firm, not reply with the hatred spewed at me but also forced them to take a look at their own hatred which was not about me at all. 
Change the way you think and you will solve problems in a whole different light!

Word of the Day

Since I missed Motivational Monday’s for the last few weeks, let me touch on something.

images (4)

It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you are not – Denis Waitley

Quite possibly the reason I have not felt motivated on Monday’s.  This just came to me.  As I am starting this blog and tirelessly writing words that possibly will never connect with another’s eyes I got weary.  But as I see it at this moment, as long as one set of eyes peer out and find one sparkle of hope my few minutes that I took out of my day was well spent.  As I always say a gift is only worth its contents if it is freely given away, that is to be said also without the hope of receiving anything in return.  So today is Tuesday, I am just about a week and a half behind at flowingly giving away my gift and for that I apologize.  I hope my words can only set someone free and the quote above can resonate with many. 
Truly this quote demonstrates how repetitively we fall short of our full potential, and many times uncertain of where the line is drawn.  One will never know their potential unless you push the boundaries. I dare you to push the boundaries, but you must be prepared for the greatness on the other end.   I hope that all have a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving and give praise to those in your life that offer their gifts freely.

Motivational Monday’s

The light at the end of the tunnel is not an illusion.

The tunnel is –




Well it took me a bit of thinking and looking over this quote until I settled on my perception of the words. I feel that we can have a path and set our sights on goals and have life all planned out. That is until looking back you realize that you were focusing on something else. Possibly a vision far in the background or directed toward a less important part of life.
If you remain focused on one goal or one point in life it is possible that you are misleading yourself toward a dead road. Turned out to be trickery despite envisioning the speck out of the corner of your eye the whole while. What in your life became an illusion at the end of the road? Are you settled on a figment of what love might be or is it that money will bring success and comfort? What light is blinding and misleading you toward the next letdown in life.
It also seems like the tunnel that one may focus on tends to narrow your sights. Are you not looking toward your highest potential? Does the tunnel keep you contained and not allow you to be creative, non-judgmental and free? So remove the tunnel vision in your life, stop focusing only on the light and expand your horizons outside the illusion.

Motivational Monday’s

Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out. ~John Wooden


Wow what a powerful quote.  It is inevitable that negative things in life will happen but perspective becomes a choice.  Can you take a bad situation and find the positive part of the scenario.

For example, you get a flat tire on the freeway and are late to work.  This is the beginning of a disastrous morning – can anything get worse you add.  Well the towing company comes and fixes your tire and you are off to work.  When you get there all your co-workers were worried frantically as they heard there was a pileup on the freeway and a few people were seriously injured.  You turn on the news to find out that you were on that same freeway broken down and the mile was a mile ahead of you and happened just about the same time you travel through that area every day.  The ending of that scenario is – yes you had a flat tire but that may have been the universes way of preventing you from being in serious pileup on the freeway. 

Being able to put things into perspective and envision a lighter side of life is easier to carry than all the negative burdens experienced on a daily basis.  No matter how much you believe to be in control of things, true control is only a mirage.