Hobbies and Happiness

Start Enjoying Life Again

Hobbies are not just excuses to get you away from the kids, spouse or work. They are actually great activities that help create the feel good chemicals in our brains needed for healthy mood production. However, often times when we get busy, married, or have children leaving hobbies to be one of those sidelined activities.   

The definition of a hobby from Dictionary.com is “an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure.” Thereby, by definition engaging “regularly” in these behaviors in order to gain “pleasure” in life is essential.  

So I ask ‘why are you not engaging in a hobby?’

At this point most of us have a laundry list of excuses of why we cannot partake in something we enjoy but at the same time wonder why life feels lackluster.  Well I am here to tell you that our day-to-day activities contribute to our mood and our mood contributes to our thoughts and our thoughts contribute to our overall feeling in life.  

You may be thinking at this moment, ‘well if I had knew all this then I probably would do ____(fill in the blank) more often.’ 

Now that you know hobbies are a fundamental part of happiness you may wonder what hobby is right for you? Great question!! Hobbies tap into your personality, natural creativity and are very satisfying. If the activity feels like work, you feel that you are not very good at it or in the end you don’t feel better then when you started, this may not be the right activity for you. 

What are some common pleasing hobbies:

  • Recreational – fishing, hunting, skiing, camping, parks, community volunteering, comedy clubs, dancing
  • Intellectual – reading, writing, editing, product creation, attending/teaching a seminar
  • Sports – golf, swimming, tennis, basketball, football, volleyball, running, working out
  • Crafting – crochet/knitting, sewing, needlepoint, drawing, painting
  • Technological – Web development/design

Hopefully you can see at least one activity on this list that you used to enjoy and are willing to reactivate in your life.  If not, then with any luck the list at least gets your mind going where you can come up with your own activity.

Start today and stay tuned for more tips!! 

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