Finding Time For Your Health

Today’s way of life is very fast pace with little time in between for self-care. Most of the time I hear people say “I am too busy” when it comes to health and wellness. Though, being busy may be true, I have to say if it is something you truly want you will find time.  Finding the time may not be an easy task but evaluating your situation in order to optimize your time is essential.

I am the queen of making things work when it feels like things are stacked against you. I had to evaluate my own goals and where I wanted to be in life as I wanted to work on health and fitness. Did I mention that I was also the queen of excuses?  Well no more. Even though it seemed like I had no time in the day I made it happen. For instance this is my schedule.  I work 10 hours a day, drive each way for 1 hour, sleep for 8 hours which leaves me 4 hours of leisure time a day.  That includes getting ready for work, coming home making dinner, etc.  I kept saying I was too tired, too busy when really I was disorganized and not goal oriented.  However I turned it around and now come home to work out for 1 hour in the comfort of my own home.

I have included some tips on how to find time in your day for the things you want.

  • Set a goal

First off what do you want to accomplish and why? Answering this will help to reduce or eliminate excuses. Excuses are the biggest roadblock we have in life.  Believe it or not saying “I don’t have time” is an excuse.

  • Prioritize

Decide what is a must do and what you can cut from your day. Of course going to work is at the top of the priority list, however, hanging out at the water cooler with your co-workers may not be.  If health and wellness becomes part of your priorities then you will easily place it in your day.

  • Remove needlessness

Again we engage in activities daily that add no value to our lives. For instance, hours of television watching, scrolling through social media or searching the web. Health and wellness on the other hand is not a needless activity as it adds value to your life and can wholeheartedly replace some of these other no brainer tasks.

  • Set a timer

I was told by a woman who also runs a tight ship and she told me to set a timer with my priority tasks so that I do not begin to wonder away and waste time. By holding yourself accountable to the task at hand you are able to actually complete your goals.

  • Consistency

Being consistent in all you do will help you to grow habits. No different than your hours of internet surfing or tv watching.  However, in this case you will have something to show for when you are done.

My all-time saying is you will have to find time for something. Is it better to find time to make a doctor’s appointment due to unnecessary illness or make time to get into shape and take care of yourself to ward off those unnecessary things? The choice is yours to make



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