Spirituality and Mental Health


Mental health concerns often wear down the entire person. Whether you are dealing with anxiety, depression, relational concerns or severe mental illness such as Bipolar or Schizophrenia the entire self is impacted. When one is unable to operate at full capacity limitations ensue and problems eventually erupt.  This can take form in negative thinking, weight gain, health problems related to stress which ultimately deteriorates the person you once knew.

These life stressors tend to take a bigger impact on a person when they allow themselves to be at the center of the problem. What that means is they carry the world and the world’s problems on their shoulders.  Over time one cannot sustain such pressure, perfection or focus.  Therefore, by seeking outside of one’s self affords the ability to alleviate some of the burden.

Have you ever wondered how some people are able to go through tragedy and recover while others are destroyed? Like me I am sure you have.  The answer is complexly simple.  It is simple as the plan is easy to follow. However, complex as you have to believe in a concept that you can only trust in your mind and has no physical presence in this world.

Spirituality is just that. Something you believe in but are unable to put a physical existence to. You just have to believe.  That for many is the difficult part of trusting that it is true.  If you believe that something is going to help you through a tragedy then you will look around you for proof – something good will result.  The opposite is also true.  If you feel like nothing will help you through the tragedy then you also will look around for proof – identifying all that is wrong in your life as a result of the tragedy.

Now imagine that you have faith in a spiritual entity and that all burdens are not yours but for this entity to provide aid in working through. This equates to the burden, weight and stress to lift from your shoulders and upon this spiritual helper and guider.  Wow doesn’t that feel more comfortable, I feel the weight lifting already!!

When the world’s pressure is not only riding on you, then life becomes more manageable, tasks become easier and adopting the idea that “things are meant to happen” alleviate overbearing stress and guilt from the unavoidable. Once you are able to believe this is possible the complexity of the task is reduced and one can then follow the plan.

Following the plan is just the reminder that you are not the bearer of the world’s weight, things “just happen” sometimes and that even in a tragedy something good can come about. The nice thing about the plan is it does not change as it is all about positive thinking, plain and simple.  If you are a bit lost and are thinking “how can I possibly turn a tragedy into something good?” Find articles or books to read with stories similar to your current struggle and really focus on how the person evaluates and manages the situation.  How do they come out victorious?  The one sure fire thing in this world is if you cannot figure it out there are enough resources to find a blue print and reproduce it and change it until it is authentic for you.

Go out and be positive thinkers, believe in something outside of yourself that is capable of handling your life stressors and overcome your tragedies.

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