Find Your Authenticity and Discover Happiness

You have to be real with yourself, before you can be real with anyone else.


This is a perfect place to begin today. This blog has been a struggle to maintain for a few weeks now. I have started a new job and have some worries about the direction of my professional world. All to say, these things have really taken my focus from my writing. Writing is a joy and something that takes up a lot of my pastime. But lately I have reorganized my professional and personal lives that have brought about a question of priorities. Unfortunately my family has taken a back seat while I pursued my doctoral degree and now I am reinvested in what makes them happy.

Now that I look at the big picture I am pleased with my choices. Though it has taken a toll on me as I worried about my absence affecting others. No matter if I have one or one thousand followers I was concerned about all of your opinions of me. Then I saw this quote and it sparked a real internal energy, one that has been lacking as I tried to figure out a new direction in life. Rather than worrying about letting others down I must refocus on what this all means in my life. I am no good to anyone else if I am not complete. By no means does this insinuate that I care less about my followers or others that seek out my positivity it just reinforces that I am human and I have to focus on my path.

Authenticity has been an attribute that I hold close to me and is one of my best qualitities. Yet I have noticed that lately my regrouping has left me somewhat out of sorts.   Today I take back my authenticity. By doing so has helped free me from the worries and is the aid that I have internally sought. The focus of my message today is to not force some of the tough decisions on the horizon, allow them to manifest in a nature and fully exposed way. When decisions are boiling in the background don’t force them, trust me when it is time they will emerge. I know this because I had no intention of writing this morning. Even though week after week I have looked for quotes and hoped something would come to me, but to this point I came up empty. But today I found a message and the words flowed. So there you have it, when a decision needs to be made allow it the time deserved and it will happen.

In the end, don’t forget to be yourself. I hope to continue the postings as they come. So if you would like to be included in my internal discussion then please subscribe I would enjoy you being on this journey. Always be yourself and thereby beautiful.


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