52 Weeks of Positive Change – Week 9: Create Your Masterpiece


(photo: Alex Alemany)

Life isn’t about finding yourself. It’s about creating yourself – George Bernard Shaw


This journey called life can be very confusing, trying and at times pretty painful. However, by taking on a positive outlook all those adverse feelings can be transformed into a constant encouragement meant to improve oneself. Life is a process that has no manual; there is no right or wrong way to exist aside from laws and social structures that govern our behavior. But none of those restrictions produce happiness, creativity or originality.


Life is a noun that requires animation and distinguishes the existing from the departed. This quote uses two animated words to describe life and discerns the difference between finding and creating. The word ‘finding’ gives the notion that a mental picture of a searched out object has been formed. Therefore, if I am ‘finding myself’ essentially I have a mental picture of someone else and I am attempting to make myself into that notion. No two people are alike and thereby my mental picture of what I am ‘finding’ will not be exact. In my opinion looking to ‘find myself’ is an automatic failure since I cannot recreate the vision of another person. Yes I can look to recreate something similar but then I would not be exactly ‘finding myself.’


Now lets envision ‘creating yourself.’ A creation may have a rough draft or key ‘must haves.’ However, a creation will end in a unique manner. This style is similar to ‘finding’ but has distinct differences known as personal modifications. A ‘creation’ has no definitive lines and has very vague expectations. Creations afford room for error, mistakes and redo’s. Also, those mistakes and errors become part of the unique artwork of the creation. Oversights are the blemishes that put final touches on a masterpiece.


Life is a specific term that defines an ambiguous process. With finer lines that easily blur provide for a happier outcome. ‘Creating’ that process puts you in the driver seat and helps life to be drawn to you rather that being on a wild goose chase trying to replicate another’s process.


Think about your own life process. Have you been hunting all this time trying to be like a parent, co-worker, boss, friend, and partner? On the other hand are you able to borrow traits from others who are in your life and make them your own and make them work for you? Do some personal self-exploration. I ask this important question as I have too been on the chasing end of things. I have wanted to be the best at all I do and thereby would look for the best role model in that area and then tried to replicate their efforts using my own perception. Let me tell you that didn’t work too well. Though, what I have found to work for my life is to look at a person’s motivation, relationships with others, compassion, empathy and use those particular traits to help me create my own masterpiece. Again focusing on ‘creating’ rather than ‘finding.’


Think in terms of a masterpiece. Do you see yourself as a replicated Mona Lisa or will you take a blank canvas, look at what angles, colors and dimensions you adore of the Mona Lisa and then use your expertise you make your own art. If you see yourself as a ‘masterpiece’ and a one-of-a-kind creation then the downfalls to life that will inevitably happen will be less overwhelming and self-destructive. Da Vinci found flaws in his own work just as we do in life. However, to the naked eye those flaws are less apparent or undetected. The author or ‘creator’ will always know the entire piece better than others but others overlook the minor imperfections. Embrace those as part of the creation; they are part of your greatness. Gather the traits you adore in others and get busy making your own work of art. You are worth it.


To stay posted and follow a full year of positive and uplifting ways of life please follow my blog. We can be on this road to happiness together. Enjoy your week and embrace your creativity and flaws, you are unique.


One thought on “52 Weeks of Positive Change – Week 9: Create Your Masterpiece

  1. I like the imagery here. It reminds me of an oil painting I did. I had an image in my head of what I wanted it to be, but I wasn’t able to recreate it. I was working with oils though (my favorite), which allowed me to blend and retouch and create a painting that I love. It wasn’t what I originally thought I wanted but I’m so happy with the outcome that I kept it and hung it in my home. If I’d gotten distracted because I couldn’t make it live up to my original intent I would have abandoned it and felt a sense of loss. Instead I stuck with it and allowed the process to guide me and I have a great sense of accomplishment.

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