52 Weeks of Positive Change – Week 6: Life Happens, Show Your Human Side

Life happens, welcome it with open arms –

Dr. Michelle Scoggins


This quote had to be self-authored as it exemplified my recent experiences. Despite my mind having an idea and perspective of how I would like things to occur the universe does not always align with your personal hopes. No matter how you feel about the experiences happening in real time you must take them in and process the situation in some manner. When you cannot slow down the speed of the day or mitigate the lack of determination – the only option is to welcome the storm. When all attempts to create your own path fail or take a sharp turn, dispel the internal resistance and rely on your own resources that have safely brought you through other tough or seemingly impossible situations.

Being open to situations and change inevitably reduces stress and anxiety. There is a calming effect related to giving up on the fallacy of control. For many reasons humans like to imagine where they are going in life or even in the moment. However, our unreal ability to control situations can lead us to become depressed, increase anxiety or give up hope all together. Yet that also is not reality. Some situations are not meant to control.

When you find yourself in the middle of a storm of uncontrollable events, take a step back and take a deep breath. My week has had many moments of deep breathing and refocusing. I have let go of control that things could be different and that I “should be” doing anything other than what I accomplished. However, in the end forward progress is required and hence the reason I pushed forward and put out this posting.

I hope to have demonstrated a few things in this one small posting. First of all we are all human and even when promises are at stake life may take alternate moves. Also, no matter what happens take a step forward, even if you are behind schedule. Learn to show your human side because others are looking and you can teach onlookers a thing or two. Breathing and taking a step back can put things in perspective and lastly prioritize tasks.

Especially important this week is to show that human side. I had a friend check in on me as she was waiting for my weekly post, so others are looking. Thank you Iris for helping me to move forward and realize that others do care. Never lose your human side for the desire to live outside of your abilities and tasks in front of you.

Have a great weekend and experience your storm with grace and understanding. When the current dies down just a tad be sure to take a step forward. You all can do it within the time that is meant for it to happen, don’t push it.

If you hurry you may miss the scenery.


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