52 Weeks of Positive Change – Week 2: Silence

Take a deep breath and experience silence


Knowing how to change your life is just as important as the change itself.  Deciding to change is a very intricate piece of the puzzle, though, the journey ahead is also a challenge.  Many don’t change for the fear of the unknown and the fear of failure.  But for those that are courageous enough to embrace change, one must be willing to look inside themselves to uncover the answers.

Following fleeting thoughts of the mind has only taken you to a path of dead ends and disappointment.  Change will emerge on its own given stillness, time and patience.  Sort of like new birth.  A timeline is given to a pregnant mother and a due date rendered.  Yet that child is born without care or concern of that due date and at a time that is only convenient for the child.  Goals and change can be viewed in the same context as childbirth.  We can envision goals and decide to make personal changes, though our imagination leads us astray to insist on a particular outcome or timeline and in the end the universe has it all laid out in the way it was intended.

Quiet the mind and the soul will speak – Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

So in the beginning of creating the “new self” it is vital to take a step back and quiet the mind.  It is time to regroup and not be concerned about the future, goals or a timeline.  It is time to be still and allow the soul to freely communicate.  It is time to allow the true you to come to the surface.  The distraction of the world tends to muffle our internal positive voice.  I speak a lot about internal voices, most of the time focusing on the critical self.  But here we are referring to a voice some of us fail to acknowledge, the positive internal voice.  It seems natural to stifle the voice of reason and the voice of power and determination when faced with the demands of the world.  Though quietness will help to rejuvenate this malnourished part of ourselves.

Learning a new skill such as meditation, yoga or mindfulness can lead you toward a quieter mind and bring you closer to your positive internal voice.  Keeping a quiet mind will be purposeful through the journey.  Only with a quiet mind will the canvas be clear to paint the masterpiece.  This masterpiece will represent the new you.  It will be perfectly flawed just as anything that is humanly nurtured.

Far too often life becomes difficult and it seems to be an uphill battle, but less often one comes to the realization that maybe the journey they are on is not their own and the reason for the difficulty.  The doubts related to the path traveled will diminish when one feels secure, realistic, and joyful.  That does not mean you are free from challenges, defeats, pain and disappointment, it means that you know without a doubt you are on the right path.

As we take this journey through 52 weeks this will be a section to return to and refresh.  Especially when hitting a crossroad or road block.  It is never a wrong time to refresh.  Getting perspective reinforces one of two things; I am on the right path or I am on the wrong path.

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One thought on “52 Weeks of Positive Change – Week 2: Silence

  1. Dr. S,
    I thought I had responded to your post here but apparently that was all in my mind.
    This is such a great reminder! I liked it so much I shared in on my personal Facebook page several days ago. I hope that some of my friends clicked and stopped by the post to be encouraged by you.

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