52 Weeks of Positive Change – Week 1: New Beginnings


Starting new in 2015 is how I felt best to begin this year. The first week of the “52 weeks of positivity” has to start with a beginning. Don’t fret over lost things or things that did not work out. Rather focus on renewing what is in your heart and focus on your dreams.

Many times when things do not work out in a way you imagined one tends to loose motivation or faith all together. However, the failed attempt could be related to something much greater than your own abilities or desires. Disappointments could have been the consequence of trying to live a dream of another rather than your own. How often do we look across the way and notice what someone else is doing and mutter in your head, “yeah I can do that, sounds like a good idea.” Then you set out to mimic what you recognized and resonated with in that person. Well the easiest way to put it, your journey is individual and only intended for you. I too am guilty of falling for this misguided success and that is how I learned that my journey can only be accomplished by me and by my own path.

Yet, do not dismiss others all together but rather recognize the attributes that you would like to adopt into your journey. What I am suggesting is to look toward successful people and their work ethics, personalities, humbleness, perseverance, etc.  Stay steadfast in your dream as being your own but take others struggles, moves and successes as a guide.


We cannot start over, but we can begin now, and make a new ending – Zig Ziglar


Failed attempts could also be the result of missing the mark. Like a game of basketball, only the sure shots go in the hoop. But just same, some of those shots fail to go in, but you must take them anyway and hope they will go in. You will never know if the ball will go in if you don’t take the shot. Failed attempts only sting when you remain focused on the would of, should of, or could of’s in the situation. Disappointments are just another opportunity to change your plan and come back better next time. Inevitably with all things in life, some are bound to work and others will not.

If you are not happy with your current situation make a stand to create a different ending. If you are not sure at this moment what to change do not worry about the core issues those answers will come in time. It is most important to begin evaluating who you currently are and where you would like to be in the future. Change occurs over time and with effort. Also, change is the result of carefully evaluating the situation and logically deciding where to make adjustments.

Starting off the year 2015 begins with a message of never giving up. Don’t focus on the past as it is already recorded. But focus on starting new, which will lead you one step closer to your dream. When things are not going well, take a time out, regroup and decide what the universe is telling you. There is never a right or wrong time to take a time out. When feeling lost or off course do not be bound in pride, take a step back.

There will be so much more to come. This is a message set out to renew and prepare for forward motion. Stay tuned for a year of positive messages.

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