Happy New Year


Nothing happens until the pain of remaining the same outweighs the pain of change – Arthur Burt



What a way to end 2014 and prepare to start 2015 – but with a blast. I have some internal changes set before me that will be a work in progress this year to come. But as for my postings and web presence I set out to be better and increasingly consistent with new information. In 2015 I will bring 52 weeks of positivity with each posting made on Mondays. I will also begin posting the connection that physical health and mental health have and how there are double benefits. I plan to gain viewers and build my brand, which is a well guided concept offered by my friend and colleague Iris Draak.

So focusing on the quote above, change is constant and change is uncomfortable. Though often, change is inevitable to progress. There are many sayings that aid in a mindset of change. I will purposely avoid those for now but stay tuned as some may appear in my 52 weeks of positivity.

Pain is at the center of all change and a vital aspect that is unavoidable. Our inner strength is only awakened when we feel discomfort and slip into a sort of survival mode. That survival mode is meant to last until the proposed danger is gone and then fall back into a normal routine. This is how the human mind is equipped we seek comfort and routine. Though becoming stagnant in survival mode distracts the mind from what really is important. And truthfully being in a rut of any sort is distracting from goals. Stagnation and routine is at the center of why people dislike change. Therefore, to progress to someone new, one must fight against human nature and the comfort of routine, which essentially is painful. Though by defining the nature of the pain hopefully alleviates some of the fear toward the pain.

Earlier in another article I wrote I discussed the life of a caterpillar and metamorphosis. I am not sure about you but I would much rather live most of my days as a butterfly than a fuzzy or slinky worm like creature. But the question remains, does the caterpillar know its fate that it will one day become beautiful and soar high above without limitations or is it fixated on the comfort of the present being close the ground. As humans, we also have a great metamorphic ability if we focus on who we would like to become rather than remaining comfortable with our current situation and wormlike appearance. As in the butterfly, do not concern yourself with the impossible.   Unless I saw it with my own eyes I would not believe that a butterfly emerged from a caterpillar. So defy the odds and soar high without limitations.

Welcome change in the New Year and resist the temptation to turn away from the pain. Discomfort is your marker that something great is on the other side just waiting for you and your hard word. Decide where the pain of stagnation lies and what areas you wish to begin changing. This is not like the traditional New Year’s resolution that is thrown from the closest window mid January. I am speaking about long-term change that takes time to accomplish and before results are recognized. The 52 weeks of positivity will guide you through that process and how to live the life you really want. Stay tuned for the first installment coming Jan 5,2015. Sign up to be included in my mailing list if you wish to stay connected. Make this year the best so far and a symbol of the greatness to come.

Thank you everyone that was a supporter in 2014 your friendships and comments are genuine.  I hope that you return next year and bring your friends.


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. You put a fresh spin on the butterfly analogy. I have never thought about what the caterpillar thinks or questioned whether or not it knows it will someday fly. That, tied with your concept of change, sticks in the mind. I can’t wait to read all 52 of these positivity posts and all of the mind/body ones too.

    I’m so excited about the upcoming year. And I’m so glad I get to fly in a flock of gorgeous butterflies like you, Michelle. Your blog is truly a bright spot in my week. I truly do look forward to each post. I go to my inbox specifically looking to see if I have a new message telling me you’ve added something. Thank you for all of your care and support as I too morph into my future self!

  2. Thank you Iris. I find that the butterfly analogy works well as I can imagine myself becoming new and flying when I once could never imagine it to be so. I hope to bring some greatness this year and to fly beside those like you Iris, you are great inside and out 🙂

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