Claim Your Own Happiness and Success

Happiness will come to you when it comes from you. Success will be yours when you choose to take responsibility for making it so – Unknown.


So many hopes for quotes came to mind today. Especially with Christmas on our heels, I had hopes of bringing something related to our Lord and Savior but the quote above really spoke to me. Not that we cannot put a God flair to this quote.

This was one that really resonated with me personally. I have found that my own transitioning heart has really lived from one side to the other, finding true happiness. Has anyone had that friend or family member who was negative no matter if something good or bad happened? I use that scenario often as we all have those people in our lives. When I am with these types of people I feel the life being sucked right from my vessel.

Though, when you expel positivity and happiness, others commonly jump on board for the ride. For me in my life, I feel less stress, anxiety and depressive feelings when I am happy. To top it off, happiness is a choice – it is taking on an optimistic outlook. So when life tends to happen, God never promised that it would only be happy times, so find your own way of bringing the good out of everything.

Changing gears toward success, one must want it for it to be so. I have never found success being dropped into one’s lap. Success comes from hard work and claiming it for your life. In Matthew 7:7 – it is quoted, “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” Success comes from searching, stating and working toward the goal.

None of the above is possible without positive thoughts. No matter how you approach a happy sense of self or claiming your success, it must be done with a positive outlook. Even though it states in the bible to ask for the things you want in your life, remember that blessings do not come in the manner you imagine but rather what God has planned for you. Therefore, setbacks and changes in the route do not equate to missed blessings or opportunities but rather a different route than the one we planned. I have personal experience with alternative routes and opportunities that felt missed at the time, though in the end thankful that they were missed as I was selling myself short of what the Lord had planned for me.

In the wake of the Lord’s birthday, Merry Christmas to your family and be loving, positive and happy. If you are feeling less than happy, evaluate if you are expelling enough happiness. Enjoy the blessings we have for today.


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