Challenge Yourself To Find Your Excellence

We are what we repeatedly do –


Therefore, is not an act, but a habit – Aristotle


When I was looking for a way to motivate those around me, I could not pass on Aristotle’s great words. It is no mystery that we are creatures of habit. I continually tell others to covet those desired behaviors and limit those one hopes to lose. But how does one actually go about strengthening desired behaviors?

First off, believe in your efforts. “Believing” was originally my positive thought for this week but I felt Aristotle took it up a notch. Yet one cannot expel excellence without the courage and conviction to unleash their strengths. Though excellence is not likely to occur quickly, as greatness takes time to develop. Though as described by Aristotle we must act out of habit rather than sporadically.

If this appears a bit confusing lets dissect the creation of a habit. A habit comes from repetition, which essentially is an action. Though to ensure your actions are not wasteful one must plan the point of the action, the action itself and the desired outcome.

As an example one may want to develop a more positive self-image. Therefore this will take some planning and specific behaviors. Below will describe how one can foster the creation of a positive self-image:

  • Point – The point of this action will help one to feel better about themselves, to see the world in a less negative way and may misperceive others intentions less.
  • Action – Use daily self-affirmations, recognize the positive in life, rely on positive comments from others
  • Desired outcome – One will hope to have less anxiety around others, less hostility toward others/the world, and may be able to engage in behaviors/hobbies previously feared.

Using the above example attempt to challenge areas of your life that you feel could use improvements. Excellence will show through over time and cannot be ignored because a positive self-change improves thoughts, behaviors and perceptions. Your excellence is determined by you and evaluated by you. But one thing is certain the way you will feel by coveting a positive self is like no other.

Challenge yourself to find your excellence.


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