Wise Words

I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become – Carl Jung

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Though abuse and adversities are commonplace in today’s society, those struggles do not have to define you in a negative manner. In fact, the past does mold your thoughts, behavior and perceptions, yet you have a choice to counteract the destructive aspects left behind from abuse. So Jung defines how all the internalized negativity usually overpowers a person that has experienced less than ideal circumstances. It is normal to believe those parts of you but learning to incorporate the positive parts of life is a choice. It also has the potential of setting you free from the torture of the past.

First off, learning to take on a positive outlook on life will reduce the burdens of the past. It may be difficult to find the positive if that is not your common life approach. But just as the bleak and dark parts of your life can be accentuated the positive is sitting out there for the taking. Yet that is often the part that is either deflected or felt useless to pickup.

It takes work to develop a new you and the positive outlook will surely come in handy. That is the simplest formula to take you from defining yourself upon your past and creating the person you actually desire. That challenge is frequently too much for a person to go through alone and they often get lost in the journey.

Start with a clean slate, forget what others have said to you and about you. Also, forget what you have said about yourself. Ponder what your goals are in life even if it appears too good to be true. Thinking outside the box is required when turning over a new leaf. No one can do it for you but guidance is certainly available.   One must be willing to become something different as the power is always internalized but often hidden behind self-doubt, hatred and insecurities.

Change usually requires going far out on a limb. It is lonely and scary out there but with a plan you are sure to make it out safely. Moving forward requires doing something challenging and new.

Remember if there is no challenge, there is no change.


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