Wise Words

Changing up a little from my normal “Motivational Monday’s” with the hope that I can reach more people aside from Monday alone.


We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them – Albert Einstein.

A pondering fact put out by a brilliant mind so many moons ago, yet we lack the stamina and effort to abide by these simple words.  For me I guess this is the foundation of therapy and I do my best to guide clients toward the light on a daily basis.  However, another evident fact is that change is difficult.  I spend a lot of my time with that particular subject as I am empathetic to the complications related to change.  I too have experienced the overwhelming pinch that ultimately led me to my own self-discovery.  Though, even at a young age following the path given was not an option and I knew solving my problems required me to be quite a bit more cunning than the issue at hand.
Approach whatever problem in your life with a new angle.  Just as you are broadsided by adversities and problems, that same approach can rid the problem all together.  Don’t give into the problem in a determined and calculated manner.  But rather look at the situation as a challenge instead of  automatic defeat.  No one readily lies down and purposefully loses a challenge.  Go out and give it all you got.  Devise the best strategy your mind could ponder at the time.  Seek out to even shock yourself and your critics.
But before you don your armor, remember problems just don’t disappear. Yes they may go underground and appear to be dissolved for a while, though if you don’t look for a permanent solution they will return like Bermuda grass.  Don’t allow your problems to become dormant and torment you for endless years.
Fighting back with internalized anger and hatred is the root of the Bermuda grass.  Remember that.  So when you are searching for that master plan to rid the thorn in your side, solve it with a peaceful approach.  Who knows maybe that is what Einstein was referring.  The enemy will expect to return their hatred with hatred.  But stand your ground, strengthen your boundaries and set forth a peaceful response.
Actually I have an example that just happened  this week.  I was broadsided by a comment from a person close to me.  First off the person took something I said out of context and interpreted it in their own perceived judgments.  So I was able to firm my boundaries and replied that I referenced something in a jokingly fashion  (which by the way was not directed at them at all) and if they perceived it differently, then that defined them not myself.  But I also mentioned that I was shocked that this person felt this way.  So in closing, I was able to stand firm, not reply with the hatred spewed at me but also forced them to take a look at their own hatred which was not about me at all. 
Change the way you think and you will solve problems in a whole different light!

2 thoughts on “Wise Words

  1. Wise advice. I have also found it helpful to remind myself that I may be feeling these things today, but tomorrow I may think about them differently. That relieves the pressure of an immediate response and gives me time to process things.

  2. So true Iris, I have found that self-control and delayed responding has helped me out of a few situations, including the one I mentioned. Thinking positively and taking on new approaches to similar situations have really helped in my growth process. Thanks for the support 🙂

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