Word of the Day

Since I missed Motivational Monday’s for the last few weeks, let me touch on something.

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It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you are not – Denis Waitley

Quite possibly the reason I have not felt motivated on Monday’s.  This just came to me.  As I am starting this blog and tirelessly writing words that possibly will never connect with another’s eyes I got weary.  But as I see it at this moment, as long as one set of eyes peer out and find one sparkle of hope my few minutes that I took out of my day was well spent.  As I always say a gift is only worth its contents if it is freely given away, that is to be said also without the hope of receiving anything in return.  So today is Tuesday, I am just about a week and a half behind at flowingly giving away my gift and for that I apologize.  I hope my words can only set someone free and the quote above can resonate with many. 
Truly this quote demonstrates how repetitively we fall short of our full potential, and many times uncertain of where the line is drawn.  One will never know their potential unless you push the boundaries. I dare you to push the boundaries, but you must be prepared for the greatness on the other end.   I hope that all have a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving and give praise to those in your life that offer their gifts freely.

3 thoughts on “Word of the Day

  1. Have no fear. Your words have connected with at least two eyes and one heart today. What we do consistently matters. It may not matter to others ever time but it can matter to us. I’m glad to see that you encouraged yourself. You encouraged me too.

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