Motivational Monday’s

You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength― Marcus Aurelius


Through the power of one’s mind all things are accomplishable. However, do not get your goals crossed up in the power of the world. Obstacles will be present and goals will get off track. Yet keeping the mind focused on what can be achieved and where you hope to go in life will certainly help to stay focused.
Believing that you can accomplish your goal is essential.   The self-fulfilling prophecy is evidence that our minds are very powerful. Believing something is so will help to make it come true. As a rule, first and foremost, believe in the goal that you set. Once that happens, your strength will be unstoppable and the action needed to accomplish the goal will come out of nowhere.
So the first step to any goal after it is declared includes believing in you. That is the strength that powers the mind.

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