Dealing With Weather Changing Blues


As the season begins changing by the recognized early darkness and colder climate one’s mood is likely to be connected. Seasonal affective disorder is a type of depression that is related to the winter. Moods begin to decrease and one may experience blue moods. The winter sucks out the natural Vitamin-D let off by the sun and thereby reduces natural serotonin that is released by the brain. Serotonin is that chemical created and released in the brain that is responsible for happy moods. So as the weather changes so does the natural production of serotonin. To battle that imbalance it is imperative to get moving. Despite wanting to curl up with a cup of coffee in your sweat pants and read a nice book, getting active can really help to counteract those blue moments. Doing activities that active the natural creation of serotonin such as exercise and sex can be a beginning to a new mood. Exercise could include house cleaning or laundry as it may be just too cold to go outdoors. Also, trying over-the-counter supplements that claim to reduce depressive symptoms can add some relief as well. At the first sign of a mood change it is essential to evaluate how your diet is affecting your mood.
So when feeling down due to the cold weather resist curling up at home and get moving.

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