Motivational Monday’s

The light at the end of the tunnel is not an illusion.

The tunnel is –




Well it took me a bit of thinking and looking over this quote until I settled on my perception of the words. I feel that we can have a path and set our sights on goals and have life all planned out. That is until looking back you realize that you were focusing on something else. Possibly a vision far in the background or directed toward a less important part of life.
If you remain focused on one goal or one point in life it is possible that you are misleading yourself toward a dead road. Turned out to be trickery despite envisioning the speck out of the corner of your eye the whole while. What in your life became an illusion at the end of the road? Are you settled on a figment of what love might be or is it that money will bring success and comfort? What light is blinding and misleading you toward the next letdown in life.
It also seems like the tunnel that one may focus on tends to narrow your sights. Are you not looking toward your highest potential? Does the tunnel keep you contained and not allow you to be creative, non-judgmental and free? So remove the tunnel vision in your life, stop focusing only on the light and expand your horizons outside the illusion.

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