Motivational Monday’s

Believe And Act As If It Were Impossible To Fail – Charles Kettering



True progress and achievements are in the hands of those that move forward without the hesitation of fear. Fear is the culprit of mediocrity. Setting your mind on a goal even when it sounds too good to be true allows one to reach to their highest potential. How else will a person be able to live up to their intended greatness unless they try endlessly. Yes there are failures in some endeavors though that just helps to change the course; don’t be so quick to pull out the white flag signaling surrender. It is easy to be misguided and fall off our paths but one must listen to the indicators that suggest doing something different. Those failures are not important, overall just roadblocks that points one toward the finish line.
Believe the ultimate and turn against those that say you cannot and look toward those that cheer you on your way. Those individuals can see your potential and is not afraid nor do they compare it to their potential – so look toward their guidance. They are not intimidated by your abilities and can steer you in the right direction or be that cheering section when needed. Those are the ones that truly see something special that you should allow to blossom.
Don’t focus on failure instead see all things as small successes even in times when they don’t work out.  Just try again. Failure is momentary but success comes from continuing on without regard to it at all. 

2 thoughts on “Motivational Monday’s

  1. Failure is always looked a negatively, which is perfectly understandable. But what if we never failed at anything? We would learn very little. Learning and growing and succeeding often requires us to go through adversity, failing included. It hurts, it sucks, but if you persevere the rewards will be great, even if it only results in the virtues of patience, endurance, and overall building of character (actually those are the best). I found this webpage about famous people who failed more than succeeded, but eventually, they accomplished great things.

    • Hi Lori and thanks for the response. If you read my entire post I am not suggesting we are free of failure. On the contrary life events can be received in a positive or negative manner. What is suggested is despite something not going your way to perceive that event as a signal to something different or better. The purpose of “Motivational Monday’s” is to start out the week using positive thoughts. So in the end I am well aware that less than positive things happen in life but we are all left with perception.

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