Dealing With Weather Changing Blues


As the season begins changing by the recognized early darkness and colder climate one’s mood is likely to be connected. Seasonal affective disorder is a type of depression that is related to the winter. Moods begin to decrease and one may experience blue moods. The winter sucks out the natural Vitamin-D let off by the sun and thereby reduces natural serotonin that is released by the brain. Serotonin is that chemical created and released in the brain that is responsible for happy moods. So as the weather changes so does the natural production of serotonin. To battle that imbalance it is imperative to get moving. Despite wanting to curl up with a cup of coffee in your sweat pants and read a nice book, getting active can really help to counteract those blue moments. Doing activities that active the natural creation of serotonin such as exercise and sex can be a beginning to a new mood. Exercise could include house cleaning or laundry as it may be just too cold to go outdoors. Also, trying over-the-counter supplements that claim to reduce depressive symptoms can add some relief as well. At the first sign of a mood change it is essential to evaluate how your diet is affecting your mood.
So when feeling down due to the cold weather resist curling up at home and get moving.

Motivational Monday’s

The light at the end of the tunnel is not an illusion.

The tunnel is –




Well it took me a bit of thinking and looking over this quote until I settled on my perception of the words. I feel that we can have a path and set our sights on goals and have life all planned out. That is until looking back you realize that you were focusing on something else. Possibly a vision far in the background or directed toward a less important part of life.
If you remain focused on one goal or one point in life it is possible that you are misleading yourself toward a dead road. Turned out to be trickery despite envisioning the speck out of the corner of your eye the whole while. What in your life became an illusion at the end of the road? Are you settled on a figment of what love might be or is it that money will bring success and comfort? What light is blinding and misleading you toward the next letdown in life.
It also seems like the tunnel that one may focus on tends to narrow your sights. Are you not looking toward your highest potential? Does the tunnel keep you contained and not allow you to be creative, non-judgmental and free? So remove the tunnel vision in your life, stop focusing only on the light and expand your horizons outside the illusion.

Motivational Monday’s

Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out. ~John Wooden


Wow what a powerful quote.  It is inevitable that negative things in life will happen but perspective becomes a choice.  Can you take a bad situation and find the positive part of the scenario.

For example, you get a flat tire on the freeway and are late to work.  This is the beginning of a disastrous morning – can anything get worse you add.  Well the towing company comes and fixes your tire and you are off to work.  When you get there all your co-workers were worried frantically as they heard there was a pileup on the freeway and a few people were seriously injured.  You turn on the news to find out that you were on that same freeway broken down and the mile was a mile ahead of you and happened just about the same time you travel through that area every day.  The ending of that scenario is – yes you had a flat tire but that may have been the universes way of preventing you from being in serious pileup on the freeway. 

Being able to put things into perspective and envision a lighter side of life is easier to carry than all the negative burdens experienced on a daily basis.  No matter how much you believe to be in control of things, true control is only a mirage.

Motivational Monday’s

Believe And Act As If It Were Impossible To Fail – Charles Kettering



True progress and achievements are in the hands of those that move forward without the hesitation of fear. Fear is the culprit of mediocrity. Setting your mind on a goal even when it sounds too good to be true allows one to reach to their highest potential. How else will a person be able to live up to their intended greatness unless they try endlessly. Yes there are failures in some endeavors though that just helps to change the course; don’t be so quick to pull out the white flag signaling surrender. It is easy to be misguided and fall off our paths but one must listen to the indicators that suggest doing something different. Those failures are not important, overall just roadblocks that points one toward the finish line.
Believe the ultimate and turn against those that say you cannot and look toward those that cheer you on your way. Those individuals can see your potential and is not afraid nor do they compare it to their potential – so look toward their guidance. They are not intimidated by your abilities and can steer you in the right direction or be that cheering section when needed. Those are the ones that truly see something special that you should allow to blossom.
Don’t focus on failure instead see all things as small successes even in times when they don’t work out.  Just try again. Failure is momentary but success comes from continuing on without regard to it at all. 

Motivational Monday’s

All progress takes place outside the comfort zone

~Michael John Bobak



For true success to occur uncomfortable times will surely be had. Growth comes in times of despair and when one is forced to flourish. Experiences and education takes you to places unknown and to areas in your mind that you cannot erase. Those are the times that will resonate with you forever. It is human nature to remember times of distress and to use those times as permanent markers. Each marker constitutes forward progress and change from the previous point. At times this progress may be slight or small, none-the-less it is occurring. Never forget those inches that you move forward – they all count. When you create a new comfort zone recognize and start moving away from that one too – never stopping the forward progress.