Motivational Monday’s


If you want something you never had;

You have to do something you have never done – Thomas Jefferson.


It is so ironic to think that many people are stuck in their self-created whirlwind but simultaneously fear what would happen if all ceased. Imagining that life would one day just magically change. I know from personal experience that without your own input it is less likely to happen. I have changed my career a few times throughout my lifetime and each time I had to change something.


Far too often change is a word that make people cringe. Change is not an easily accepted verb or action word. But it is essential and the sole factor when starting something new. It involves risk and the need to step into the unknown. Yet without doing so one can never live up to their full potential. I look around and find many people that do not live up to their potential, many more that don’t even realize they have potential.

But how does one initiate change? I am not referring to moving across the nation or moving mountains but it may be as simple as looking online for a new job position or updating your resume. This may also mean that you are reserving more time for loved ones rather than working those extra long hours. The change may only be internal and not for others to recognize initially. Something like – I am going to be kind to my co-workers or I am going to buy the homeless guy lunch. Not all changes are huge.   In fact the change that becomes constant are those that start off small. Sometimes going to fast or too soon is a sure way to lose motivation.


Make a promise to yourself to do something different today that you had not done before. Create a mental note of how those slight alterations begin to impact your life. Share your experience with others so that they too can live a more fulsome life, one that you have found through change.


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