The Self-Made Path To Success


Monday’s quote got me thinking. Well it is true that paths can be made and that taking the road less traveled will certainly open opportunities, but what exactly does that look like?
First, believing that something is possible becomes first and foremost. One will not have the courage to even look out of their peripheral eye at the unpaved path unless you can believe that a path can be made. I don’t mean like a wholehearted belief just one big enough that will motivate you. Something like believing that you can one day win the lottery. Well that is only true for those that play the game.
However, there is a warning when trekking untraveled territories. Be prepared for the slithery serpent or the covered sinkhole that may appear. There is usually no warning and can really cut the trip short if allowed. Yet if you know they will at one time or another pop up then you can kindly sidestep and continue on. What I mean is be prepared for the person that doesn’t believe in your mission, they are irrelevant as long as you believe. And those big sinkholes that pop up are the worst. To explain those would be easily difficult.
The sinkhole is usually in the path you have set out for yourself. Rather than falling in learn to go around. What that looks like in real life is somewhat like changing a short-term goal into something feasible while keeping your eye on the long-term endeavor. So the end never wavers just what is in the middle.
Creating a tool large enough to carve the path is also significant. That tool is better known as motivation. The more motivated you are to complete your journey then reality becomes that much more real. If you are really crafty be motivated enough so that the path is large enough to carry others through. Being successful is no fun unless you can pass on the knowledge.
So get to carving out your own success with a belief and a tool.


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