Lighten Your Load – Drop That Baggage



Walking around with a heavy load is harder than imagined. Think about carrying an extra 50 pounds around with you everywhere – that is absurd, right. Why would anyone carry around an extra 50 pounds for nothing. My thoughts exactly. Then why would you carry around an imagined 50 pounds of psychological distress? That too is pretty silly, but we do it everyday.

Learn how to drop that load. Not an easy task but truly possible. Plus refuse to pick it back. Realizing that carrying the baggage is a choice and one that you can change. Change is that luxury all of us have but also must realize that we have the power to use it.


  • If there is no beneficial quality of carrying that extra load – drop it.
  • If you are not living to your full potential – drop it.
  • If you cannot change the situation or outcome – drop it.
  • Most of all if it drags you down emotionally – drop it.


Dropping the load can be done as a self-help measure but can also be done by way of professional help.

The choice is yours. But making a choice is the most important move.


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