Motivational Monday’s


Your goal should be just out of reach, but not out of sight –

Denis Waitley and Remi Witt


As Denis and Remi suggest the goals must be difficult enough to make a difference but not so difficult that you lose sight or don’t have the ability to achieve.

 Goal setting in life is an essential piece to success.

 Without looking life in its face and determining what you want out of it, life is largely a waste. Goals that are set can also be changed. That is the importance of having short-term and long-term goals. Long-term goals would look like a career choice. Whereas short-term goals would lay out how one would arrive at a career choice. That is where change can occur – when planning the short-term goals. Reducing discouragement when changing short-term goals is also essential. At times those needed adjustment assist in achieving those long-term goals.


Motivational Monday’s

If you want light to come into your life, you need to stand where it is shining – Guy Finley


 This quote really exemplifies the need to be positive. No good ever comes from negativity. Wonder why negative people always have bad things happening to them? Well that is simple. Not because good things don’t happen to them but they are too focused on the negative that the positive events slip right through their grasp. So when moving forward today and in your week look toward the light of positivity and when you feel that you are not finding it, keep looking. Guy is also implying to get away from anyone that lacks positivity. So just as much as you could turn out your own flame others also have the power to use negativity against you. Keep your head high and reach for the light throughout your day.

Random Thoughts About Stigma

This is a daunting task for me as I edit profusely. But  as part of the Writing101 challenge here is my first unedited free writing assignment:


Stigma related to mental illness runs ramped. It is no wonder that people feel unsafe to seek out treatment. Treatment places a label on those that have psychological concerns. Though unconditional treatment is available it is still stigmatized through the label of the disorder.

How mental health affects the individual is truly unique and can only be explained by that person. Though similar traits place them in a category to be diagnosed and simultaneously judged. Judgment usually follows ignorance.

Everyone chases this untrue dream of normalcy when no one can really define the word. Normal too is individual and based upon perception. So then how does one with mental health concerns continually fall outside of the range of normal. Who distinguishes “normal?” What does that all mean and represent?

Though without changing the lingo connected to mental health disorders the culture related to the stigma will remain alive and well. So as a way to seek change one must challenge their own thoughts and perceptions when it pertains to mental health conditions. Do we consider them a diagnosis, a disease or disorder? Is the person their diagnosis or is the diagnosis an attribute to the person? How does the world contend with the culture that has guided us as people to disregard those that do not tightly and perfectly fit a mold of societal norm. do any of us truly fit that mold or do we fib a little on the edges and create a box that we can fit in and call it normal? What is the purpose of the labels, why are they so important. Where did our people decide that putting people in categories were appropriate?

Beyond all the questions that remain unanswered or ignored the salient issue that remains is the mentally ill are either receiving substandard treatment, no treatment or afraid of treatment. One must understand that the fear is real. In past times the mentally ill were institutionalized and some of that culture has not died off with the cement walls of the asylums. So again we are led back to culture and ignorance that continues fueling stigmatization and marginalization of this population. Please don’t add any other equation such as gender or ethnicity as those individuals are far more marginalizaed than most.

In a time where mental health disorders are becoming commonplace it is certainly time to begin encouraging and empowering those that struggle the most in society. As those with mental health disorders are supported their overall outcome and way of life becomes a bit better. So there is value in empathy, compassion, treatment and reduced stigma. Carrying on the stigma just gives the social bullyies fuel to continue tormenting those that did nothing to them. Be that change that you would like in your own life.

Motivational Monday’s


If you want something you never had;

You have to do something you have never done – Thomas Jefferson.


It is so ironic to think that many people are stuck in their self-created whirlwind but simultaneously fear what would happen if all ceased. Imagining that life would one day just magically change. I know from personal experience that without your own input it is less likely to happen. I have changed my career a few times throughout my lifetime and each time I had to change something.


Far too often change is a word that make people cringe. Change is not an easily accepted verb or action word. But it is essential and the sole factor when starting something new. It involves risk and the need to step into the unknown. Yet without doing so one can never live up to their full potential. I look around and find many people that do not live up to their potential, many more that don’t even realize they have potential.

But how does one initiate change? I am not referring to moving across the nation or moving mountains but it may be as simple as looking online for a new job position or updating your resume. This may also mean that you are reserving more time for loved ones rather than working those extra long hours. The change may only be internal and not for others to recognize initially. Something like – I am going to be kind to my co-workers or I am going to buy the homeless guy lunch. Not all changes are huge.   In fact the change that becomes constant are those that start off small. Sometimes going to fast or too soon is a sure way to lose motivation.


Make a promise to yourself to do something different today that you had not done before. Create a mental note of how those slight alterations begin to impact your life. Share your experience with others so that they too can live a more fulsome life, one that you have found through change.

The Self-Made Path To Success


Monday’s quote got me thinking. Well it is true that paths can be made and that taking the road less traveled will certainly open opportunities, but what exactly does that look like?
First, believing that something is possible becomes first and foremost. One will not have the courage to even look out of their peripheral eye at the unpaved path unless you can believe that a path can be made. I don’t mean like a wholehearted belief just one big enough that will motivate you. Something like believing that you can one day win the lottery. Well that is only true for those that play the game.
However, there is a warning when trekking untraveled territories. Be prepared for the slithery serpent or the covered sinkhole that may appear. There is usually no warning and can really cut the trip short if allowed. Yet if you know they will at one time or another pop up then you can kindly sidestep and continue on. What I mean is be prepared for the person that doesn’t believe in your mission, they are irrelevant as long as you believe. And those big sinkholes that pop up are the worst. To explain those would be easily difficult.
The sinkhole is usually in the path you have set out for yourself. Rather than falling in learn to go around. What that looks like in real life is somewhat like changing a short-term goal into something feasible while keeping your eye on the long-term endeavor. So the end never wavers just what is in the middle.
Creating a tool large enough to carve the path is also significant. That tool is better known as motivation. The more motivated you are to complete your journey then reality becomes that much more real. If you are really crafty be motivated enough so that the path is large enough to carry others through. Being successful is no fun unless you can pass on the knowledge.
So get to carving out your own success with a belief and a tool.

Lighten Your Load – Drop That Baggage



Walking around with a heavy load is harder than imagined. Think about carrying an extra 50 pounds around with you everywhere – that is absurd, right. Why would anyone carry around an extra 50 pounds for nothing. My thoughts exactly. Then why would you carry around an imagined 50 pounds of psychological distress? That too is pretty silly, but we do it everyday.

Learn how to drop that load. Not an easy task but truly possible. Plus refuse to pick it back. Realizing that carrying the baggage is a choice and one that you can change. Change is that luxury all of us have but also must realize that we have the power to use it.


  • If there is no beneficial quality of carrying that extra load – drop it.
  • If you are not living to your full potential – drop it.
  • If you cannot change the situation or outcome – drop it.
  • Most of all if it drags you down emotionally – drop it.


Dropping the load can be done as a self-help measure but can also be done by way of professional help.

The choice is yours. But making a choice is the most important move.