Stand Against Suicide

In the midst of all that has happened in the past week it is relevant to address suicidality. It has been said many times and many ways that “suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.” I whole heartedly agree with that statement, however, in the eyes of the depressed words are not enough to save their lives. Something must be done. Ultimately it is true, if a person is set on committing suicide their minds are very hard to change. But it can be done. That is why it is important to show your concern when it comes to your family, friends and others in your life. The worst statement I have ever heard when referencing depression is “just get over it.” Well if you think they could they would. No one truly wants to be depressed. So it takes much more than “getting over it” to save someone’s life. It takes care, concern and compassion. I give a challenge to everyone. Be that change for someone you care about. Get them the appropriate help. Don’t assume it will go away. Help to save a life. We are all precious.



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