Goal Setting

Successful people do not usually stumble upon success but is due to hard work and solid planning. Knowing what you want out of life allows one to navigate without getting lost. Not that life is free of confusion and without moments of being off track but a plan forbids you from remaining adrift. This is similar to a game plan. Look at most sports teams they win games by having plans or plays, which can be changed depending on the previous play. Life in many ways mirrors that concept. The overall plan in life is to be (fill in the blank), which can be compared to winning a game. That desire stays constant, though just like in a game where plays change, so do short-term goals. Success is lurking happily around the corner given that you plan out both short-term flexible and long-term constant goals. For example, I entered a graduate program to become a psychologist (long-term goal) though training options (short-term goals) changed. I really wanted to relocate and finish my training in either an inpatient hospital or prison like setting, but my actual final training was at a community college. My long-term goal (psychologist) remained constant but my short-term goal (training) changed. In the end you still reach your goal but at times the road may be unknown.

“If the plan doesn’t work change the plan but never the goal” – author unknown


Stand Against Suicide

In the midst of all that has happened in the past week it is relevant to address suicidality. It has been said many times and many ways that “suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.” I whole heartedly agree with that statement, however, in the eyes of the depressed words are not enough to save their lives. Something must be done. Ultimately it is true, if a person is set on committing suicide their minds are very hard to change. But it can be done. That is why it is important to show your concern when it comes to your family, friends and others in your life. The worst statement I have ever heard when referencing depression is “just get over it.” Well if you think they could they would. No one truly wants to be depressed. So it takes much more than “getting over it” to save someone’s life. It takes care, concern and compassion. I give a challenge to everyone. Be that change for someone you care about. Get them the appropriate help. Don’t assume it will go away. Help to save a life. We are all precious.