Quick Self-Help Tips For Depression

Depression is a clinical diagnosis that a person does not have the ability to control. The symptoms are identified by the overall loss of interest in once enjoyable activities, feeling ho-hum, over sleeping or under sleeping, change in appetite and change in level of hygiene. Depression can lead to substance use and other behavioral changes. Plus depression can produce thoughts of suicide. This is just a quick overview of depression and as always if the above symptoms are present where a person is unable to work, get out of bed or becomes incapacitated in another way then it is likely the person needs additional assistance. If you or someone you know is depressed and feeling suicidal please seek immediate assistance by either going to your local emergency room or dialing 911 or the emergency contact in your area.

Quick Tips To Improve Mood
Talk to a friend or loved one
Feeling better often is just a conversation away. Find someone that you can confide in and who will give you positive feedback. Don’t choose a friend that is a negative person, you don’t need anymore negativity.

Do something fun
Remember what used to make you laugh and as long as it is legal – do it. Usually depression kills all your joy. So take back your joy by doing something fun either alone or with another person.

Take a shower and leave your home
I Know I feel better when I am clean and dressed in fresh clothes. Take a shower and go somewhere, even if it is window shopping. The fresh air will do you well. Do not sit in you bed longer than needed for sleeping.

Do not sleep more than 8 hours
Regulate your sleep. Even when you do not feel like getting up – do so anyway. Sleep 8 hours and then get up and find something to do.

Think positive thoughts
Depression feeds off of negative thoughts – change them. Start your day with positive affirmations and continue them throughout the day. Positive affirmations are just quick positive sayings that you repeat to yourself such as “I am a good person.”

Exercise or go to the gym
Getting moving helps to increase the production of dopamine – the “happy” chemical that is created and distributed in the brain. When depressed a person lacks that “happy” juice, so what better way to get it going than by doing what helps to create it.

Eat healthy food
Depression destroys a person’s ability to activate self-care measures. Food is fuel for the body just like gasoline is fuel for your car. If you are not fueling your body well then it will not run properly. Getting a balanced diet will help to reduce fatigue which also mimics depression.

Good Luck
Getting moving and fighting the onset of depression can be a chore but get ahead of those blue moments so that they are not as severe. If you cannot overcome that emotional pitfall then seeking professional help may be appropriate as therapy and medication have proven benefits to treating depression.


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