“What is the di…

“What is the difference between an obstacle and an opportunity? Our attitude toward it. Every opportunity has a difficulty, and every difficulty has an opportunity.”
― J. Sidlow Baxter

Attitude is everything!.  Being optimistic to the challenges in front or ahead can certainly lessen the struggle.  Our minds are very powerful tools to create much of our desires.  I choose to treat everything as an opportunity, even with failure.  Failure is just allowing another door to open.  Don’t look back at the closed door other than to say thank you.


Our greatest we…


Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time – Thomas Edison

How easy is it to give up when things are not going forward as you hoped or expected? Well that is simple, very easy. Yet, finding inspirational people that never gave up on their dreams find that they do come true. The bottom line is all good things take hard work and your aspirations are no different. Looking back I could have never imagined being where I am today, a recent doctoral graduate with a wonderfully challenging postdoctoral fellowship. In addition, to be here now writing with the hopes of solidifying my new goal of writing a book, I continue writing with the hope that the idea of my first book will appear in my head. So I continue again, though, many times through my journey, quitting came to mind. Quitting is never an option.

Daily Quote: Become YOU!!


Release the tunnel vision effect and open your mind to the possibilities of who you may become.  When letting go is so tough and extremely frightening, ask yourself if a destiny free of limitations is for you? You also might ask, what does this truly mean anyway?  Well my interpretation is this: remember as a child when you began fantasizing about “when I grow up.”  Have you ever let go of that fantasy, achieved it or working tirelessly to prove that you can accomplish reaching the fairy dust in the sky?  The trick is to actually make a wish and blow the fairy dust into the sky and watch as it dissipates into the warm sunny sky and beyond.  Freeing yourself to become a work of art not a planned painting.

Daily Quote: Write the Outline to Your Life

Daily Quote

The Battle Within – Finding the life you want takes courage to live and the spirit to achieve. How do you decide to live in the spirit and less with the ego? Letting go of what you cannot change and/or control leads you into the direction of the spirit. Ego tells you that you are in control, however, you are not. What I mean by this, is yes, you can be in control of achieving your dream, yet you are unable to control the daily field mines. By finding your inner peace, your goals are achievable. So in some ways it is like beginning your next big writing project with an outline without ever writing the story. That is how you live in the spirit, keep an outline of goals but resist the ego that says you must write the story!!


images-6ne of the most courageous things you can do is identify yourself, know who you are, what you believe in and where you want to go.” — Sheila Murray Bethel


Life does not just happen, it is created. My own life began with turmoil and great distress, however, through it all and at a mature age I conquered the achievement mountain. At times by way of borrowed courage and positive aspirations – despite the ugliness in the world – I have earned my doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology. So as I have identified my goals, I encourage you all to do the same and follow your dreams. Some tricks along the way that can be helpful:

• Remain positive despite setbacks
• Be realistic in setting goals
• Write out your short and long-term goals and keep track of even your small accomplishments
• Find positive supporters – there are enough negative people in the world do not seek out those people to cheer you on
• Do not expect perfection – be a little flexible with your goals
• If you have enough positive support, never back down